Speaker Training Seminars
Nashville, TN - October 17-18, 2016


What do three former U.S. Presidents, more than a dozen U.S. Presidential candidates (including this 2016 election cycle), numerous Fortune 100 CEO's, scores of Governors, Olympians, celebrities and countless top tier executives have in common?

Roy Henderson with
"America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani

They've ALL received speech coaching from Presentation Experts Roy and Jeanette Henderson!

With over 90 years of combined experience, there is NO ONE better at providing your public speaking and presentation training needs than the Hendersons.

Whether it's running for President or fine-tuning a sales pitch for your latest product, preparing for a major convention or providing presentation training for your elite workforce, a Workshop with this husband and wife team will be the best money you've even spent on your future, and your future bottom line.

Their unique insights have earned them praise from people at every conceivable level. Here are just a few comments from people and companies whose names you probably know (title at the time remarks were made):

"Successful public speaking is about communicating strong beliefs. Roy Henderson masterfully teaches how to overcome the anxiety of public speaking, and coaches speakers on the art of simply speaking from one's heart."

Rudolph W. Giuliani, "America's Mayor"

"Thank you... I appreciate all of your help at the 1996 Republican Convention."

George W. Bush, Governor, State of Texas

"Many thanks for the coaching and advice. I would have been in deep trouble without your assistance."

Colin Powell, General, US Army, retired

"I cannot thank you enough for your expert guidance... People were amazed at how professional and relaxed I seemed. I credit it all to you. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again!"

Kerry Healey, Lt. Governor, State of Massachusetts

"As a group, our speakers were absolutely outstanding - by a good margin better than any previous time. We are so enthusiastic about your contributions that there's no question we would like to have you back again."

R.P. Braun, Director of Training, Procter & Gamble

"Without exception, (you) are far and away the finest presentation instructors we have been exposed to..."

Mark R. Knowles, Executive Director, National Pharmaceutical Council

No other facilitators have attained the elite standards and extraordinary recognition of the Hendersons, from the highest levels of the political, corporate and not-for-profit worlds. And now, through a special arrangement with Speaker Training Seminars, you can experience this unique training in a HIGHLY LIMITED Two-Day Workshop, your ONLY opportunity to attend a public workshop with this exclusive couple.

During these two invigorating days, you will learn more about presentation than you ever thought possible. The Six Truths of Human interaction will open doors to understanding audience psychology you never knew were there. The Formula for Inspiration with show you the THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to arrange your content quickly and easily. The Seven Essential Tools for HOW TO SAY IT that will walk you through how, and how much, body language affects the way your message is received, plus an abundance of information on how to use the Tools of the Trade, like lecterns, microphones, PowerPoint and other physical augmentations.

WARNING!! After this Two-Day Seminar, you will NEVER be able to look at another presentation the same way again! You will truly understand how even a small improvement in your speaking skills will put you head and shoulders above your competition.

WARNING!! The class size in VERY LIMITED because the Hendersons want to make sure you receive every minute of personal attention possible!! FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED ONLY!!

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